IT Outsoucing IT as A Service

If a company can minimize the costs of doing business and maximize the focus of its resources
on its core competency, then the company will be more profitable and successful.

It makes sense to examine infrastructure related expenses, and see if they can be reduced
Often an outsourcing company can provide a better service than what can be provided in house,but at a lower cost, and with less complexity

This not only reduces costs, but it also frees up staff to focus on the company’s business objectives.

Outsourcing is also essential to eliminating costly down time and to shifting the burdens associated with complying with the various regulatory issues

There's no perfect formula for which IT resources to keep and which to ship off to a third party what makes perfect sense for one business may not fit for another. Choosing what you outsource and who you outsouce that service to is a subject of debate

One company may see a help desk service as good for company culture and collaboration and keep it in-house. While another company may see it While another company may see it as a commodity service that's ideal for an outsourcer.

While migrating your IT infrastructure to a cloud service is not "outsourcing" in the traditional sense, it is a form of outsourcing. outsourcing models But even traditional are using cloud technology underneath, whether the outsourcer is using Amazon or IBM is using its own cloud.

How do you measure outsourcing?

The common ways to measure outsourcing have traditionally been bodies needed and help-desk tickets filed. However those 500 help-desk tickets don't have anything to do with what your business is trying to accomplish. A company needs to understand why it's outsourcing certain tasks to begin with or possibly end up paying for hourly billings for people and counting help-desk tickets .

The question to ask is what will the number of people assigned to a task or the total number of helpdesk tickets completed mean if anything at all to your bottom line. Whats important is your companies reputation and most importantly your customer's satisfaction and retention.

Outcome based outsourcing is the new trend in IT outsourcing and we were a pioneer in that a majority of our outsourcing contracts with clients are priced and based on business outcomes.Yes easily measured goals. Backups completed %99.99 percent of the time,overall quaterly system uptime increased to %99.99, web site availablity %100 from Thanksgiving through Christmas.


Our belief is that by tying metrics and pricing to the success of the business, both parties now have their goals in alignment

Signifigant and meaningful penalties for not making measureable goals is what makes us different.

Our bottom line is as important to our business as it is to yours .If we gurantee a service level you recieve it in full or receive a signifigant and meaningful credit on your account.