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Technology Needs of A new Business Start up

Technology, after all, is hungry, and will devour all the funds you feed it. Do you know how much investment is enough, and when and where those funds would be best allocated?

Dissecting technology reveals answers that may not be as complex as you think.
Phone communication is critical, of course. Naturally, you want give the perception of being "established," and more importantly be reachable by your clients.

If you are a small business, consider outsourcing to a virtual phone answering service. You can receive a dedicated business number, voicemail box, voice access to your e-mail, and fax capabilities all in one service. This type of service is a low cost for the value, and most importantly, customers can easily track you down by telling the system to "Find you". It will ring your chosen phone numbers to locate you. If you are buying a phone system, consider a used or refurbished system for savings.

Computers are critical since much of the world communicates via e-mail today, web research can save you time, and your documents will look more professional. A low cost way to obtain a PC or laptop computer is through leasing programs offered directly from many PC manufacturers and resellers. You don't get to write-off the cost of the PC all at once, but you don't need to spend your valuable cash resources all at once either.

Your first website can swallow your funds in one gulp if you are not careful. This is part of our business, yet we are firm believers in entrepreneurs finding customers first, and then creating the complete website and applications that tie to them.

Software - The necessary software will depend on your business, but you will at least need a word processor, spreadsheet program and accounting software. Naturally, Microsoft's Office covers the first two and typically come with a PC purchase or lease. Accounting packages include QuickBooks Quicken and Peachtree are affordable to purchase or rent via the cloud.. Look for features that allow you to use on-line banking and payroll services directly from your accounting package (huge time saver). We use QuickBooks, and it does this nicely.

Other - An investment in a smart phone is a big time saver. You are never without a phone number, your emails can be read from them, your calendar can be manipulated from anywhere, and your tasks can be quickly forwarded to another date without rewriting them daily.
Whether you are a one person start-up running on a minimal budget, or have a moderate to large budget, you will ultimately be faced with a tough question: "When I finish feeding my technology beast, how many more customers will I have?" If the answer is none, then this may be the wrong time to invest in technology, because early on, unless your actions are making your cash register ring, it is not worth the investment.

Find a trusted technology advisor. Some of our clients used us as temporary CTOs as they were getting their businesses off the ground. This was a huge cost savings for them, and we provided the support they needed when they neeed it the most.

Contact us today. Talk to one of our business and technology savy experts. We speak your language. Want to know more about VOIP and is it right for you, SAAS ,the CLOUD we have you covered there as well.